The Best of Fried Green Savannah

Kenda Williams and Eleanor Rooke Siemens of Fried Green Savannah, October 2011-August 2012

This week marks our one year anniversary for Fried Green Savannah! We’ve tasted and enjoyed so much delicious food over this past year, it’s hard to narrow down our favorite places. We managed to select our top 10 that really make what we believe is some of the best food and drink in Savannah.

Nathan and Kenda Williams of Fried Green Savannah, August 2012-October 2012

Along with marking our one year anniversary as FGSav, we also have some news:

Nathan and Kenda are moving to Portland, Maine, y’all!

This will be our last post as Fried Green Savannah. We have thoroughly enjoyed sampling and showcasing Savannah’s diverse dining scene. We see a bright future ahead for this gorgeous Hostess City and will most definitely be coming back to visit (and eat!). Maybe we can start up another food blog in Portland – “Southerners Eat New England” or something like that.

Thank you for being our faithful followers and going out to support these awesome places with us! Until we meet again, farewell y’all!

– FGSav

Here is our Best of Fried Green Savannah top 10 list!


Green Truck Pub

Green Truck Pub tops our list of places to eat in Savannah! They have the best burgers around. Just down the street from our home in midtown, they’re a great place to get dinner on a Friday night and kick off the weekend.

(from our first post on Green Truck Pub) the Rustico burger, served with goat cheese, balsamic carmelized onions, roasted red pepper and basil

(from our first post on Green Truck Pub) the pimento cheese appetizer

craft beer at the bar

the jukebox is always playing something good for the dining room

El Jefe burger with cheddar, black bean and corn salsa, avocado and jalapenos served with cole slaw

the Trailer Park with homemade pimento cheese, bacon, tomato, onion, pickles and lettuce, served with fries


The Distillery

The Distillery has been a home away from home for us over the past four years of living in Savannah. Owners Michael and Lori Volen and family really have an amazing thing going here, and we’re going to miss them tremendously! With 21 rotating beers on draft at The Distillery, you’re always trying great new craft brews. It’s definitely our favorite place to get a drink in town and hang out with good friends.

fried alligator appetizer

Fried Moon Pie and Ice Cream with Whipped Cream

a pint of the Anderson Valley Summer Solstice craft beer


Back in the Day Bakery

Back in the Day Bakery

Cheryl and Griffith Day, owners of Back in the Day Bakery, are two of the most incredible, kindest people you’ll ever meet. They have some amazing desserts, which thankfully for us, we’ll be able to bake in Maine, since we have a copy of their awesome cookbook!

an Old Fashioned Cupcake


Leoci’s Trattoria

Leoci’s Trattoria

Classic Bolognese

Chef Roberto Leoci, owner and executive chef at Leoci’s, creates the best Italian food Savannah has ever tasted – period. We will miss you, Roberto and Lacie!


Sundae Cafe

Sundae Cafe is the perfect lunch spot when you want a good meal after a long morning lounging and reading books at the beach. It’s like a vacation spot in and of itself. Never ever leave the cafe without at least getting a dessert to-go – they’re too delicious to pass up!

the California Club with a side of honey mustard and an order of sweet potato fries

praline pecan cheesecake


Vic’s on the River

Vic’s on the River is one of those perfect places to take friends and family who are visiting from out of town and want a good view of River Street and an incredible dinner. Vic’s has both to offer, and it’s been a favorite of ours over the years.

the Chicken Crepes contained brie cheese, corn, and leeks with a roasted red pepper couli (from Savannah Restaurant Week)

the Crab Cake Sliders were served with apple slaw and basil aioli with Old Bay-seasoned french fries (from Savannah Restaurant Week)


Local 11 Ten

Local 11 Ten was FGSav Eleanor’s favorite restaurant while she and her husband Scott lived in Savannah. Just south of Forsyth Park, it’s a romantic little restaurant with some pretty amazing, locally-inspired food.

a la carte option of Ashley Farms chicken breast with garlic-herb butter and sriracha vinaigrette and a side of grilled asparagus

Prince Edward Island mussels, house-made Italian sausage, madeira, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and lavender cream


Cafe Florie

When you think of food in Savannah, you tend to think of fried chicken. When most people think of fried chicken they think of The Lady & Sons or Mrs. Wilkes. Those are both great places and fun for tourists, but you’ve got to try Cafe Florie’s fried chicken! The cafe is our little local secret for folks who want some incredible southern food with healthier, organic southern options, as well.

chicken salad sandwich and fresh farmers’ market side salad

fried chicken, rosemary roasted potatoes, sauteed cabbage and johnny cakes


Wiley’s Championship BBQ

Wiley and Janet McCrary, owners of Wiley’s Championship BBQ, really have a knack for making good barbecue. In fact it’s not just good, it’s award-winning, as the name implies.

appetizer of “Redneck Nachos” – deep-fried potato chips, pulled pork, jalapenos, sour cream, and barbecue sauce

a sampling of the meat selection at Wiley’s: smoked chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, and ribs


Butterhead Greens Cafe

When the days are nice and we want to have a picnic in Forsyth Park, Butterhead Greens Cafe is our go-to spot. We can pick up some fresh sandwiches or salads and enjoy them in the Savannah sunshine.

The Elvis sandwich with peanut butter, bacon, bananas and honey, with a side of fruit salad

Molly MacPherson’s

Molly MacPherson’s pub in Savannah is located 311 W Congress St.

If Savannah didn’t already have a reputation for its love of libations, visiting Molly MacPherson’s downtown would confirm that fact. The pub has an extensive collection of single malt scotch whisky, as well as numerous craft beers on tap and in bottles. A hot spot for pipe and drum bands after the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown, it also has a great night life vibe. Molly MacPherson’s is a true Savannah watering hole for both natives and tourists alike. Servers at the pub keep the Scottish tradition alive by wearing kilts, giving it that fun, authentic feel.

the dining room area is adorned with Scottish-inspired decor and flags from clans

you can try your hand at darts while waiting for your food or sipping a drink

the pub’s collection of single malt scotch whisky – they have over 150 options from which to choose!

draft beer at the pub

we ordered pints of Harpoon UFO White and Ace Pear Cider

Along with their drink selections, Molly’s also boasts a large food menu. They specialize in traditional Scottish and British cuisine, but they also offer soup, salads, sandwiches and various entrees to please a wide variety of palates. Their dishes include Bangers and Mash, Scottish Meatloaf, the Classic Reuben, North Atlantic Salmon, St. Andrew’s Steak and Spinach Salad, Blackwatch Burger, and Roasted Chicken.

the Cock-A-Leeky Soup is a combination of chicken, leeks, carrots, rice and seasonings

the Fish and Chips has tender cod that’s lightly battered and deep fried, and it’s served with pub chips and salad greens

the Shepard’s Pie has ground beef and vegetables simmered in a brown sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and shredded cheddar, served along with a roll and honey butter

The Dishes: Cock-A-Leeky Soup, Shepard’s Pie, Fish and Chips

What’s Special About It?

Nathan: “Molly’s has a unique Scottish vibe, combining the family flags and prominent scotch selection with servers donned in kilts and a warming fireplace in the background.  Set on the always entertaining Congress Street/City Market area, this is a little Scottish haven on a strip of many options to enjoy good eats and drink.  Molly MacPherson’s is a perfect getaway for those seeking something a little different than the everyday bar food available in Savannah.”

Kenda: “I adore the whole package and presentation that envelops Molly MacPherson’s – from the decor inside the pub to the newsprint wrapped around an order of Fish and Chips to the servers who are costumed in traditional Scottish kilts. It makes it a delightful, fun place to experience. Having delicious food and drinks to go along with it is icing on the cake.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Kenda: “When I come to Molly’s, I always order the Cock-A-Leeky Soup. Ideal for fall and winter, it’s warm and satisfying. The Fish and Chips were hot and made to order and came with a tasty, fresh green side salad. I doused the piece of flaky cod in malt vinegar and tartar sauce. The ‘chips’ were large and tender; perfect with the fried fish. I love a good craft cider on draft, so I ordered the Ace Pear Cider. It has a light crispness that’s not overly sweet but with a hint of tart fruit, which was a nice addition to the meal.”

Nathan: “I opened the evening with a Harpoon UFO White.  It added a nice Belgian spice introduction to the Shepard’s pie.  The pie came out hot, with a crisp baked mashed potato crust and rich brown sauce accompaniment.  The creamy mashed potatoes were complimented by the textured ground beef and smooth vegetables that combined to form a welcomed treat to the mouth.  I ordered an Oscar Blues Old Chub to finish the meal, adding a rich maltiness to the briny beef undertones that complimented the pie.  The fresh roll helped absorb some of the fluids and added a nice breadiness to the already malty meal.”

What Did We Say About It?

Kenda: “You don’t have to wear a kilt or know how to play bagpipes to be a fan of Molly MacPherson’s. Whether you’d like to sample the single malt scotch whisky or are craving some Bangers and Mash, Molly’s makes you feel like you’re taking a trip to a European pub right in the heart of Savannah.”

Molly MacPherson’s

311 West Congress St.

Savannah, GA


Open for lunch, dinner and late night drinks 7 days a week

Web site

Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

Eating in Portland, Maine

a Maine lobster from Cook’s Lobster House Restaurant on Bailey Island, outside of Portland, ME

Fall is the perfect time of year to be in Portland, Maine. The weather is just right, with a slight chill in the air. The trees are turning bright orange, yellow and red. The lobster boats are still pulling in catches from the sea. We look a little fall-time trip to Maine to scope it out. Our first time in New England, it was a lovely experience – especially where the food is concerned. Whether you like surf or turf, Portland has it all.  It’s a food lover’s paradise, so naturally we felt right at home! Here is a photo journal of some of the food we enjoyed while visiting Portland. If you’re ever in Maine, make sure to sample some of this delicious cuisine.

Becky’s Diner

Becky’s has been featured on the Food Network show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and is located in downtown Portland

the quaint interior at the diner is so laid-back, you’ll find everyone from tourists to fishermen

the Maine Crab and Swiss Melt sandwich with homemade onion rings

the Commercial Street Sandwich on English muffin with egg, cheese, and ham with waffle fries

Portland, Maine – Farmers’ Market

the farmers’ market in Deering Oaks Park features dozens of regional farms

Maine apples are abundant this time of year and are oh so sweet and tart

heirloom tomatoes

these guys are different – like a cross between a tomatillo and a cherry tomato

Old Port area, downtown Portland

Portland Pie Company

pizzas, Maine style

the Moosehead pizza is topped with red sauce, sweet Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, red onions and a three cheese blend; you can choose your dough (either basil, wheat, garlic, beer or gluten free), and we ordered it in the garlic

you can’t come to New England without ordering pizza!

Two Fat Cats

Two Fat Cats has been featured on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel and is known for their whoopie pies, a New England favorite

the seasonal pumpkin whoopie pie is out of this world delicious!

their original whoopie pie has a sweet cream filling sandwiched between two soft chocolate cakes

another of the bakery’s specialties, along with whoopie pies, are homemade fruit pies

homemade sour cherry pies

Sonny’s Restaurant and Bar

located in downtown Portland; the farm to table concept is thriving in Portland, and Sonny’s is a great place to order dishes crafted with local vegetables, meats, breads and cheeses

the Duck Prosciutto Salad with house cured duck, camembert, toasted walnuts, sliced radishes and apples, tossed in a cider vinaigrette

pickled local vegetables and cheese plate

The Great Lost Bear

The Great Lost Bear is both a craft beer bar and restaurant located just west of downtown

the pub may be known for their enormous list of New England beers on tap, but they also have an impressive menu and boast unique offerings like this: “The Almighty Cheesus Burger”

The Almighty Cheesus Burger is a burger served between two grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles lettuce and tomato; it’s enormously good!

Mae’s Cafe is located in downtown Bath, Maine

Mae’s Cafe has many homemade desserts for your choosing

whoopie pies

cinnamon rolls and pecan sticky buns

Mae’s has eight different choices for eggs benedict; this is Angela’s benedict with Canadian bacon and cheddar with two poached eggs and lemon hollandaise sauce on a toasted English muffin, served with home fries

the Thai Chicken salad, served with grilled chicken, cabbage, red peppers, grilled pineapple, carrots, toasted almonds, coconut, Thai peanut dressing and fresh greens

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

premium homemade ice cream from Mount Desert Island Ice Cream in downtown Portland

Maine Sea Salt Caramel – creamy, sweet and salty


Gritty McDuff’s Brew Pub, Restaurant and Microbrewery in downtown Portland

Maine hard cider from Gritty’s

the Reuben with lean corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on grilled rye


downtown Portland restaurant, Duckfat, is known for frying with what their name implies, and it’s oh so good

Maine Root Beer served in a Mason jar: this stuff is seriously the best root beer ever!

Roasted Beet Salad with Fern Hill Farm goat cheese, duck fat breadcrumbs, confit fennel and golden raisin vinaigrette

hand cut Belgian fries, fried in duck fat and served with a choice of dipping sauce (we got the truffle ketchup and the tomato aioli)

Maine Lighthouses

Bug Light Park lighthouse in South Portland

Portland Head Light on Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

a picturesque picnic overlooking Portland Head Light

Thanks for letting us share our Portland, Maine foodie adventures with you!


Sol is located at 1611 Habersham St. between East 32nd and 33rd streets

In Spanish, Sol means “sun,” and at Sol fusion restaurant in Savannah, you’ll find a southwestern-inspired menu made from the heart and “sol.” They blend tropical ingredients with creative dishes to make a food experience that really shakes things up.

The artistic interior makes you feel like you’ve been transported from Savannah to a rustic cabana in Cancun. You have the option of eating indoors or at one of their many outdoor patio tables, which are donned with umbrellas. The indoor bar at Sol is also available for drinks, as well as dining.

the bar area at Sol

libations, anyone?

we ordered a bottle of Bell’s Oberon and the Hibiscus Margarita

The menu at Sol reflects their artistic, southwestern-feel. It’s like a party for the taste buds! Menu items range from salads to tacos and everything in between. They have a Lime Marinated Skirt Steak Salad, which comes with seared romaine, orange-spiced jicama root, caramelized onions, tequila dressing and blue cheese. Their Mahi Mahi tacos have pan-seared mahi mahi, pico de gallo, pickled onion, spiced aioli and cilantro. They also have a Fried Avocado appetizer that comes with sour cream pico de gallo, and cilantro-lime sauce.

For menu sides, you can get your choice of spicy black beans, Spanish red rice, yellow rice, chipotle coleslaw, sauteed greens, sweet fries or a side salad. They also have a kids’ menu and vegetarian options.

for an appetizer, we ordered the homemade Tortilla Chips & Salsa, which came with our choice of two salsas; we chose the tomatillo and avocado with the five pepper salsa

The Sol Burger is topped with blue cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickled red onion; it came with a side of sweet fries and tropical ketchup

the Sol Burger and sweet fries

the Jerked Chicken Sandwich has a citrus marinade, manchego cheese, mango aioli, avocados, lettuce, tomato, and pickled red onions; it was served with a side of black beans and chipotle coleslaw

The Dishes: Tortilla Chips & Salsa with tomatillo and avocado salsa and five pepper salsa , The Sol Burger, The Jerk Chicken Sandwich, Bell’s Oberon, and the Hibiscus Margarita

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “Sol is another neighborhood restaurant that I’m happy to have so close-by. It has a great menu, a laid-back atmosphere and warm, fast service. What more could you ask for?!”

Nathan: “The feel is uniquely Savannah.  The mid-town setting overlooks late Victorian homes and the open air setting invites a warm summer breeze.  The artwork inside is bright and locally crafted and gives the restaurant a unique feel as you walk into the front of the restaurant.  It is definitely a distinctive place to visit.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Nathan: “The food arrived quickly and was definitely fresh off the grill. The salsa was delivered with homemade chips and didn’t disappoint.  It had a nice balance of sweet tomatoes and peppery spice that complimented the salted homemade chips.  The Bell’s Oberon provided a nice citrusy backdrop to the pleasantly seasoned jerk chicken breast. The spices on the chicken were prevalent, with a cinnamon and spice note added to a nicely grilled meat complimented by fresh avocado.  The side slaw, though relatively small in serving size, was a pleasantly sweet compliment to the spicy chicken sandwich, and the black beans added a nice kick to the entree. They all worked together to provide an enjoyable Tex-Mex experience in the heart of Savannah.”

Kenda: “The Hibiscus Margarita was delicious! Served on the rocks, it was light with a kick of tequila – a great drink to go along with our chips and salsa. The homemade chips were thick and crispy with just the right amount of salt. The tomatillo and avocado salsa was almost like a guacamole; smooth and creamy with a hint of spice. I ordered the Sol Burger, which was thick and juicy and topped with caramelized onions and blue cheese. The meat had a hint of cinnamon to it, which was a nice surprise. The sweet potato fries were the perfect side, with an ancho seasoning on the breading and tropical ketchup for dipping. I was curious about this tropical ketchup, and it was like a sweeter take on your traditional tomato ketchup.”

What Did We Say About It?

Nathan: “The outdoor experience was awesome.  It was a pleasantly cool Savannah evening that we could enjoy behind the netting provided in the main dining area.  The food was fresh and delicious, and combined with its affordability, provided a wonderful evening for me and the wife.  I don’t think you could ask for much more from a Savannah Tex-Mex dining experience.”


1611 Habersham St.

Savannah, GA


Tues-Sun 5 p.m. – close

Web site

Sol on Urbanspoon

Sammy Green’s

Sammy Green’s is located at 1710 Abercorn between 33rd and 34th streets.

On a sunny Saturday morning, we rode bikes to the Forsyth Farmers’ Market for some fresh, locally-grown produce and coffee beans. After purchasing our weekly dose of veggies from the farmers and coffee from Perc, we hopped on our bikes to head home. On the way, we noticed Sammy Green’s and decided to give it a try for lunch. Sammy Green’s is a quaint diner just south of downtown. Located in a space that appears to be a converted home, they host a vibrant and cozy dining area with welcoming yet artistic decor.

you can dine in at Sammy Green’s or order your food to-go; you can also call in your order and they’ll deliver it to you, if you live within their delivery range

dining inside Sammy Green’s

comfy, stylish accents in the dining room

The “Sammy” in Sammy Green’s is, in fact, referring to the traditional New York hoagies called “Sammies.” If you have read any of Rachael Ray’s cookbooks or magazines, or if watch her show on the Food Network, you’ll notice her love of Sammies. The New York native knows her northeastern foods, and in the Empire State, the Sammie reigns.

At Sammy Green’s you can get their own unique take on it. There are ten Sammies on the menu, including the Po Boy Sammie, the Falafel, and the China Town with mayo, hoisin BBQ, sriracha, pickled cucumber and scallion with either fried or grilled chicken or fish. Along with their sandwich options, the diner also offers a burger, chicken nuggets and salads.

the Pescado sammie with fried fish, lime remoulade, lettuce, cilantro, tomato and hot sauce with a side of chilled green beans

the fried chicken BLT sammie with a side of fries

homemade sparkling lemonade

The Dishes: Pescado Sammie, BLT Sammie, Sparkling Lemonade

What’s Special About It?

Nathan: “I was immediately drawn to the Pescado Sammie because of the words ‘hot sauce,’ and the sandwich didn’t disappoint.  The sandwich is (apparently) New York inspired and invites the customer to douse a bit more hot sauce on for some extra kick (to which I kindly obliged).  It was a unique offering for historic Savannah.”

Kenda: “I’m so glad we stumbled upon this place! Sammy Green’s is a comfy neighborhood sandwich spot, and it’s so conveniently located on the trip home from downtown or to pick up food for a picnic in Forsyth Park.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Kenda: “The homemade sparkling lemonade was so fresh! It had a great effervescence and citrusy taste but wasn’t overly sweet or sour. For lunch, I ordered the BLT Sammie with a side of fries. The loaf bread was nice and soft on the inside, yet crispy on the outside. It held together the mound of ingredients – crispy bacon, fried chicken, tomatoes and lettuce. It wasn’t too filling but rather a rejuvenating afternoon lunch before our leisurely bike ride home.”

Nathan: “A pleasant dichotomy of flavors and textures, the warmth of the fish meets the tongue with a backbone of crisp vegetables as the fresh bread compliments the sandwich without dominating the flavor or filling the stomach.  The addition of hot sauce added a nice kick and the salty balance needed for a mild fish batter.  The vegetables on the sandwich were nice and fresh, as were the green beans served on the side.  They were cold and crisped and had a home made blend of lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper that complimented the sandwich nicely.”

What Did We Say About It?

Kenda: “For a taste of New York right here in Savannah, go try Sammy Green’s!”

Sammy Green’s

1710 Abercorn St.

Savannah, GA


Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

Web site

Sammy Greens on Urbanspoon

Bonna Bella Yacht Club

Fried Green Savannah welcomes Nathan Williams to the food blogging team!

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, it’s officially almost fall in Savannah. Fall means a new school year for kids, a new try at drafting good players in your fantasy football league, and for us at Fried Green Savannah, fall means gaining a new co-blogger. Since Eleanor Rooke Siemens moved to Nebraska with her husband, Scott, (Savannah misses y’all!) we’re bringing a newbie foodie on board the Fried Green Savannah team: Nathan Williams. (Find out more about Nathan here…) To say “goodbye” to summer and “hello” to our new co-blogger, Nathan, we decided to do a night out at Bonna Bella Yacht Club.

Bonna Bella is located off La Roche Avenue on 2740 Livingston Ave.

the decor at Bonna Bella is laid-back coastal

Conveniently located on the outskirts of midtown near the islands, you probably wouldn’t just happen upon the place unless you were looking for it, but it’s worth the hunt. A family-friendly establishment with plenty of outdoor seating, the club is open to the public for dining and drinking. If you have a boat and would like to grab dinner after a long day on the water, you can park it at the docks outside the club and dine there before heading home.

the view at Bonna Bella is impeccable – showing all of the natural beauty Savannah’s marshes and islands have to offer

Bonna Bella features both indoor and outdoor dining options, with plenty of room to accommodate large parties

outdoor dining overlooking the marshes

The menu at Bonna Bella complements its breath-taking, laid-back outdoor surroundings. The food is a pleasant mix of coastal, Lowcountry and casual dining, with offerings like crab fritters or quesadillas for appetizers and a collection of salads, tacos and sandwiches. The entrees include shrimp and grits with locally-sourced shrimp and hand-cut ribeye. Whatever you order, it’s made fresh for you. While you’re waiting for your food, you can take in the beauty of the marshland surrounding the restaurant and sip a cold drink.

the bar at Bonna Bella

a Dogfish Head beer and blueberry vodka pink lemonade

the nacho appetizer comes with crispy tortilla chips topped with spicy Caribbean beef, queso cheese, house-made pico de gallo, and sliced jalapenos

the nachos

the barbecue fish tacos were on special for the evening; they came with a side of black beans and yellow rice

the barbecue fish tacos

the Cabo Fish Sandwich was a spice-rubbed, pan-seared white fish served on a hoagie roll with lettuce, tomato, pickles, coleslaw, and remoulade sauce, and included a side of potato chips

the Cabo Fish Sandwich

The Dishes: Nachos, Barbecue Fish Tacos, Cabo Fish Sandwich

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “There are a handful of places in Savannah where you can enjoy waterfront, outdoor dining at its best. Bonna Bella is one such place. The weather behaved itself and the food was delicious, making it a memorable overall experience. It was the perfect locale for my first official post with my hubby and new co-blogger, Nathan!”

Nathan: “The atmosphere here is second to none.  We picked a great night to go, with temperatures in the low 80’s and a lack of Lowcountry bugs.  The food was pleasantly priced and the wait staff was very pleasant despite the large crowd.  This was a great way to start my food blogging with Kenda!”

What Did It Taste Like?

Nathan: “The tacos had a great texture, with the crunch of fresh vegetables providing a pleasant contrast to the melt-in-your-mouth tender fish.  The barbeque flavoring provided a nice zing to the tacos and the presentation was very visually appealing.  Though the beans and rice wouldn’t have been my first choice, you couldn’t walk away hungry from the full plate of food (even if you’re a big guy like me!).  The IPA I chose paired nicely with the food, with the sharpness of the hops and the maltiness melding nicely with the contrasts in flavors of the barbeque, grilled fish, and fresh vegetables.”

Kenda: “The nachos were enormous! The layers of flavors and spices were nicely mixed together. I ordered the Cabo Fish Sandwich for dinner. The white fish was fried and had a nice crispy crust. I love coleslaw on the side of my fish, but I never would have considered topping it on the sandwich. It was such a good idea! The sweetness from the slaw and remoulade really made the fish that much more flavorful.”

What Did We Say About It?

Nathan: “This was a great dining experience with a classic Lowcountry feel!”

Bonna Bella Yacht Club

2740 Livingston Ave

Savannah, GA


Tues-Fri 3-7 p.m.

Sat & Sun 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Web site

Bonna Bella Yacht Club on Urbanspoon

Brasserie 529

Brasserie 529 is located at 529 East Liberty Street

Brasserie is the French term for an informal restaurant in which the food largely revolves around the drink. And indeed dining at Brasserie 529 is like stepping into a classic French film where the characters all sip red wine and quietly “vivre la bonne vie.” There are small corner tables you can get lost in or, should you instead desire, a quaint bar to mingle at. The restaurant’s website describes the atmosphere in this way: “Influenced by the essence of historic downtown Savannah…representing the evolution of today’s brasseries, we venture beyond the image of cafés and breweries and instead call to mind an image of simplistic sophistication.”

set in the former storage space of Liberty Plumbing Co., Brasserie has transformed the space into a quaint and comfortable bistro

the bar area at Brasserie 529 with its rich dark wood and French-inspired design

the restaurant makes their own breads which they sell both in the restaurant and at the Forsyth Park farmer’s market on Saturday mornings

The food at Brasserie reflects the same “simplistic sophistication.” Ingredients are sourced locally and the dishes are focused on freshness and flavor rather than overall richness and complexity. Appetizers include Local Squash Blossoms with arugula, gruyere, and mussel and truffle vinaigrette, as well as more traditional French dishes like Duck Leg Confit with ratatouille. Lunch includes dishes like Roulade of Cordon Bleu with Bleu béchamel, roasted mushrooms, mixed herbs & lettuces, crisp pork belly, and Bouillabaisse with Market Fish, mussels, clams, shrimp, lobster, potato, vegetables, fennel, saffron, rouille. For dinner they offer a five course tasting table as well as their classic dishes. In keeping with traditional brasseries, the wine and beer and cocktail lists are handpicked and extensive.

French bread is served with truffle butter and pickled green beans and tomatoes

the Crepes were made with haricot verts, shallots, oyster mushrooms, arugula, gruyere, and a shrimp & tomato vinaigrette

the Fish en Papillote consisted of a North Carolina trout cooked with greens, vegetables, potatoes, butter, court bouillon, herbs, and shrimp

lemon vanilla creme brûlée

Kenda: “In September we’re coming up on Fried Green Savannah’s 1 year food blog anniversary! It’s been an exciting year, filled with lots of amazing eateries in and around Savannah. Unfortunately today is the last post from Eleanor, though, as she is moving away from Savannah and to the Midwest. You will be dearly missed, Nora!”

The Dishes: Crepes, Fish en Papillote, and the Lemon Vanilla Creme Brûlée 

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “Since the occasion of us dining at Brasserie 529 was both a celebration of Eleanor’s new opportunities of moving to Nebraska, as well as two best friends saying a tearful goodbye, it was the perfect, bittersweet atmosphere for our last blog post together – complete with nostalgic music and memorable dishes.”

Eleanor: “This is the third French restaurant Fried Green Savannah has been to (see our other reviews: Circa 1875 and Blue Turtle Bistro), and it firmly confirmed that the dislike I had previously for French cuisine was unfounded. Brasserie 529’s food is light and fresh, staying true to its roots in simple ways. And I loved the way they quietly use local ingredients in their dishes – it adds even more to the freshness of each dish.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Eleanor: “My Fish en Papillote was simple but still quite flavorful. Baked in a parchment packet with butter, court bouillon, herbs, and lemons, the fish and shrimp picked up on all the flavors without bursting with them. The potatoes and greens added some heartiness to the meal, making it an ideal light lunch and dinner.”

Kenda: “I ordered the crepes because I had never tried a savory version of the dish. I was only familiar with the sweet, fruit-filled or cream cheese-filled versions you see for breakfast or dessert. The crepes at Brasserie turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the taste buds. Light and fluffy, they were filled with fresh vegetables and covered in a decadent cheesy cream sauce with tomatoes and chopped shrimp. The dish is best accompanied with a few pieces of fresh-baked bread from the restaurant. The Lemon Vanilla Creme Brûlée was amazing! A delicate crystallized crust on top and smooth cream on the inside, it was the ideal dessert to share between friends.”

What Did We Say About It?

Eleanor: “This is my last blog post for Fried Green Savannah; the hubby and I are moving to Omaha, Nebraska. So perhaps fittingly foreign and very Savannah at the same time, Brasserie 529 was the perfect send-off lunch.”

Brasserie 529

529 E Liberty St.

Savannah, GA


LUNCH Tues-Fri 11-3PM & Sat 12-3PM
DINNER Tues-Sat 5-10PM
HAPPY HOUR Tues – Sat 3-7PM

Web site

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Tubby’s Seafood (River Street)

Tubby’s Tank House on River Street, located near the Abercorn Street ramp

At Tubby’s Tank House on River Street, breakfast is served with a view. Perched on a balcony overlooking the Savannah River, it practically makes you want to wake up early in the morning!

Most famous for their southern-style sandwiches and seafood dinners, Tubby’s on River Street has recently begun offering an equally noteworthy breakfast. Available daily from 7:30-10:30 a.m., it’s worth checking out even if you usually tend to skip the most important meal of the day. The shrimp omelet is that good.

even on a cloudy day, the view from the balcony at Tubby’s is breathtaking

Tubby’s is next door to the River Street Inn

outdoor dining is available on the restaurant’s patio

more patio seating

the dining room space inside Tubby’s

The breakfast menu at Tubby’s, as cooked up by head chef Andrew Bryant, offers both inventive and traditional breakfast dishes. Menu items include the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit, Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, and the Kitchen Classic Breakfast Sandwich. The restaurant gives a southern twist to several options, topping a BLT with fried green tomatoes and adding crab cakes to eggs benedict. Even the french toast was unique, covered in a crunchy corn flakes batter – as invented by Tubby’s General Manager, Fred Plantadis.

We chose an assortment of some of the restaurant’s breakfast choices, and they didn’t disappoint!

Fried Egg BLT sandwich, with fried green tomatoes and a side of stone ground grits

Sapelo Shrimp and Cream Omelet – fresh garden spinach folded into a fluffy cheese omelet, topped with a sauteed blend of local shrimp, onions, applewood bacon and a rich cream sauce

a side of seasoned potatoes and a buttered biscuit

French Toast with and a side of fresh fruit

The Dishes: Fried Egg BLT, Sapelo Shrimp and Cream Omelet, and French Toast

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “Having an early morning breakfast overlooking the Savannah River on River Street just seems like the perfect start to the day. It’s even better when you add the creative, inviting dishes that Tubby’s has to offer!

Eleanor: “Tubby’s breakfast menu features just the right amount of options – not overwhelming, but rather allowing focus and attention to be given toward the actual crafting of each dish. Even the most traditional of the offerings has a unique spin to it and is perfectly executed. If I could, I would eat off this menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!”

What Did It Taste Like?

Eleanor: “The Sapelo Shrimp and Cream Omelet was my favorite of the three dishes. It’s undeniably decadent, with its cream sauce and addition of bacon, but still tastes fresh with local shrimp and sautéed spinach. The onions and spinach help cut through the softness of the eggs and cream, and the applewood smoked bacon gives the meal a darker, even richer complexity. Delicious.”

Kenda: “The french toast at Tubby’s has to be one of my favorites in Savannah! The base bread, a Texas Toast, really stands up to crunchiness of the corn flakes added into the batter. Sprinkled with a little powdered sugar on top and paired with fresh fruit, it’s the perfect breakfast! I also enjoyed the fried egg BLT with the fried green tomato – a delightful addition to an already tasty breakfast sandwich. Both savory and salty, it’s packed with flavor and protein to get you through the day. It went well alongside the home-style, creamy stone ground grits.”

What Did We Say About It?

Kenda: “Tubby’s has just what you’re looking for in their satisfying southern-style breakfast!”

Tubby’s Seafood (River Street) 

115 East River Street 


Breakfast: Daily, 7:30-10:30
Lunch: Daily, 11:00-4:00
Dinner: Sun-Thur 4:00-10:00, Fri & Sat 4:00-11:00


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Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

Mrs. Wilkes is located at 107 West Jones Street in the garden apartment of an old boardinghouse

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room brings back memories. Those of family get-togethers and holidays spent around the table, passing sweet potato casserole and ham dinner.  A fellow diner at our table put it in these words: “It’s like having Thanksgiving dinner with family. And you eat so much that all you want to do after is sleep!”

Indeed, Mrs. Wilkes’ is all about maintaining tradition. Established in 1943 by Sema Wilkes, her view for the boardinghouse was to create a place where weary travelers and tired laborers might find a home away from home. And still today strangers become family in the basement of the Wilkes’ boardinghouse, rubbing shoulders with each other and passing food. The restaurant is arranged with family-style seating, with multiple ten-seat tables set up around the two dining rooms. While still living, Mrs. Wilkes would lead the patrons in prayer every morning before beginning the meal.

rain or shine, by the time the doors open at 11:00 for lunch, a line is already stretching down the street

It’s easy to see why there is a line outside the door every morning. According to a 1976 article on Mrs. Wilkes, “She’s been called the ‘Julia Child of country cooking.'” Sema Wilkes died in 2002, but her legacy lives on in her food. The menu changes daily so as to give regulars variety, but the style of dishes is always southern home cooking, with classic staples like fried chicken, collared greens, fried cabbage, and gumbo. The food is laid out on the table and is served like a potluck supper, with diners (whether they know each other or not) passing the sides around. The experience of sharing a meal with perfect strangers makes it that much more memorable.

it’s customary to pass the dishes around the table

there are, on average, 12-15 southern-inspired dishes on the table from which to choose

an assortment of dishes from the table, including sweet potatoes, lima beans, baked beans, cabbage, cucumber salad, mashed potatoes, sausage and rice, mac ‘n cheese, and fried chicken

fried chicken, black-eyed-peas, squash casserole, okra gumbo, cucumber salad, dressing, cabbage, sweet potato casserole, mashed potato casserole, and mac ‘n cheese

at the end of the meal, servers come by the table with a tray of dessert choices

banana pudding

berry cobbler

even President Obama enjoyed himself at Mrs. Wilkes’!

The Dishes: the menu changes every day, but it always includes fried chicken and country-style dishes

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “I grew up on southern dishes, like what is served at Mrs. Wilkes’. For me, dining here is like a trip to my Mom’s or Grandma’s kitchen. The food at Mrs. Wilkes’ is quintessential southern fare done right! The locals swear by it, and the tourists can’t get enough of it – it’s a Savannah institution.”

Eleanor: “For a shy person such as myself, eating at a table of strangers is a little out of the comfort zone. But having to ask the man next to you to pass the mashed potatoes makes lunch actually meaningful. It’s community cultivated over fried chicken.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Eleanor: “Honestly, this food tastes just like a family reunion in Michigan for me. For all it’s southernness, Mrs. Wilkes’ transcends regional boundaries by making country cooking that relates to all. My grandpa couldn’t have made fried chicken like that (perfectly breaded and not a bit greasy), but the vinegar cucumber salad was all his, as was the green beans and sweet potato casserole.”

Kenda: “The great thing about Mrs. Wilkes’ is getting to sample so many dishes. It’s easy to fill up on your favorites, though. The fried chicken was tender and juicy, with a nice buttermilk-brine taste on the inside and crunch on the outside. I especially loved the fried cabbage, mac ‘n cheese, and black-eyed-peas – all home-cooked and packed with southern flavor. For the dessert choices, between the banana pudding and the berry cobbler, I had to pick the traditional banana pudding. It was smooth, sweet and irresistibly delicious. Everything was satisfying and true comfort food!”

What Did We Say About It?

Eleanor: “If it’s good enough for President Obama, it’s good enough for us!”

Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room

705 Jones Street

(912) 232-5997

Hours: Monday – Friday, 11am-2pm


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Husk (Charleston, SC)

Husk is worth a two hour drive. Led by James Beard Award-winning Chef Sean Brock, the restaurant has received acclaim from both national publications and Charleston locals. Since its opening in November 2010, publications like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Travel and Leisure Magazine and Food and Wine Magazine, to name a few, have featured Husk.

the restaurant is situated in an old Charleston house

the building is complete with a large porch for sipping cold drinks

chalkboard list of where each day’s ingredients come from

The restaurant only serves southern food – from the ingredients to the actual dishes. Every vegetable, oil, seasoning, and meat has to hail from within the southern region. Husk puts work into every detail, placing attention on the smallest centerpiece to the most expensive dish. The interior, like the whole of the restaurant, is elegant but simple.

the main dining room in the restaurant is reminiscent of a long ballroom

a glass windowed wall adds to the overall style of modern elegance

even the centerpieces are all-natural and locally grown!

the restaurant combines old styles with new, and has three fireplaces in the dining room

The menu, which you can check online, changes from day to day (based on what’s available and in season). Because the restaurant the restaurant is so popular, however, you have to get reservations ahead of time, and thus it’s almost always a surprise. You can be assured though that each day’s offerings will be Lowcountry inspired, with such staples as skillet-baked cornbread, fried pig ears, and benne rolls with fresh whipped butter. The day we went, there was an assortment of snacks (including Cornmeal fried Pickles with Spicy Buttermilk); sandwiches, soups, and salads (such as the BBQ Glazed Pork Belly with Carrot and Cabbage Slaw sandwich); lunch entrees (like the Wagyu Sirloin with Red Creamer Potato Hash, Pole Beans, and Foie Gras Jus); and various sides for the table (from Baked Geechie Boy Grits with Smoked Sausage to Glazed Baby Carrots and Fine Herbs).

the Triple Lindy cocktail was a rose infused Hornitos Plata tequila, Newtonian Beverage Company tonic syrup, and cayenne-sugar-salt rimmed coupe

The Milan Muleberry was made up of basil and cracked pepper vodka, summer berries, and ginger beer

the benne seed rolls were served with a pork fat creamy butter

a skillet of Benton’s Bacon Cornbread

the restaurant mixes classic Lowcountry cooking techniques with new spins on ingredients

a side of Compressed South Carolina Melons with Black Pepper and Honey Vinaigrette

Cornmeal Dusted Catfish with a Succotash of Sweet Corn, Okra, and Purple Cape Beans

Shrimp and Grits with Tomato Braised Peppers, Onions, and Sausage

a fun girls’ day in Charleston!

The Dishes: Skillet of Bacon Cornbread; Compressed Melons with Black Pepper and Honey Vinaigrette; Cornmeal Dusted Catfish with a Succotash of Sweet Corn, Okra, and Purple Cape Beans; Shrimp and Grits with Tomato Braised Peppers, Onions, and Surry Sausage

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “From the moment you walk in to the minute you’re out the door with a full, satisfied belly, Husk is one of those genuine, southern restaurants that leaves you with some of the best food memories you’ll ever have.”

Eleanor: “Husk gives southern food a good name. With its use of fresh, local ingredients and a modern (often lighter) twist on the classic recipes, the restaurant elevates Lowcountry meals to fine dining status.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Eleanor: “The dishes at Husk are simple, with just enough contents to give interest but not so many that you can’t separate the flavors and savor each part. Rolls are often an afterthought at restaurants, brought over simply to tide you over, but the benne seed rolls with their pork fat butter (sweetened with honey and dotted with bourbon smoked salt) had an unexpected pop of flavor that truly made the meal complete. The side of Compressed Melons were equally unique, with the black pepper and honey vinaigrette just bringing out the natural lightly sweet taste of the melons rather than overwhelming it. I ordered the Shrimp and Grits initially just for the local shrimp (which I may never get enough of), but the grits turned out to be my favorite part, made creamy by the onion and tomato braised pepper juices instead of by cheese or heavy cream.”

Kenda: “It tasted like Sunday dinner at my Mom’s – only with a Lowcountry flair! I wasn’t going to leave Husk without trying their bacon cornbread. Hot and fresh out of the skillet, it was like my Mom’s (but gourmet!) and had a delicate cast-iron-cooked crust on the outside and bacon-flavored cornbread on the inside. I ordered the cornmeal dusted catfish with a side of succotash that included sweet corn, okra and purple cape beans. Originally from Arkansas, I was raised on good catfish, so I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur in this area. This was solid, flavorful catfish with just the right amount of breading and seasonings. It was perfect alongside the succotash.”

What Did We Say About It?

Kenda: “A trip to Charleston wouldn’t be complete without trying out this fabulous, southern restaurant. It really was a truly memorable experience!”


76 Queen St.

Charleston, SC


Hours: LUNCH: Mon-Sat 11:30-2:30
BRUNCH: Sun 10-2:30
DINNER: Sun-Thur 5:30-10, Fri & Sat 5:30-11
BAR: 4-close, daily

Husk Web site

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