The Distillery

For our first entry we decided to visit one of our favorite beer bars and restaurants in Savannah, The Distillery, and feature two of their signature dishes: fried alligator tail and fried moon pie. The Distillery is known for their large assortment of craft brews, with 21 rotating beers on tap. The establishment is decorated in prohibition style with exposed brick walls, silent black and white films playing on the flat screen tvs, a large dining room and friendly staff.

a look into the dining room and bar at The Distillery (photo courtesy of The Distillery)

One more reason we love The Distillery is the family behind it. Michael, Lori, Ben, Julia, and Hanna Volen make this a family business that’s eager to serve and a fun place with a unique menu. Father of the Volen clan, Michael, helped brainstorm the menu offerings like the fried alligator tail and the fried moon pie with Chef Matthew Kubiak.

heading into The Distillery's kitchen for a look into how they make their Fried Alligator and Fried Moon Pies

The Distillery's Chef Matt Kubiak takes Florida-raised alligator tail and coats the tenderized, beer battered meat with cornmeal and seasonings

after receiving breading, the alligator tail is deep fried until golden and crispy

Byrd Williams, a cook at The Distillery, turns the alligator tail in the kitchen's deep fryer

the fried alligator tail appetizer is served up on a bed of spring mix lettuce and a homemade honey jalapeno remoulade

the fried alligator tail can be enjoyed on its own, but is best when paired with craft beers from the bar - we found Lagunita's Pils and Uinta Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale perfectly accompanies this southern fried appetizer

The Dish: Fried Alligator Tail

What’s Special About It? -Chef Kubiak: “Mike had the concept from the very beginning. We wanted to bring something different and unique to our menu … Not many people are used to seeing it on a restaurant menu.” -Michael Volen: “You always want to bring people into your place, and you want them to have a unique food experience.”

How Does It Taste? -Chef Kubiak: “I find it to be crispy and tender, but with a little bite to it; but not in a bad way if you cook it right. You get a sweetness and spice in the sauce to accompany it.”

What Do People Say About? -Chef Kubiak: “People saw it as a novelty because it’s new and unique, but now they love it. We’ve had a great response to it.” -Michael Volen: “Best piece of tail in Savannah.”

box of Moon Pies in The Distillery kitchen

preparing to dip the Moon Pie into the batter

Chef Kubiak dips the Moon Pie in the batter

frying the Moon Pie

Chef Kubiak holds the fried Moon Pie

The Dish: Fried Moon Pie

What’s Special About It? -Chef Kubiak: “The cooks and I were being creative one day and talking about frying Snickers bars and other desserts, so we decided to fry the Moon Pie. We mixed up a batter and fried it. We worked on the batter to make it nice and cake-like.” -Michael Volen: “I had an idea that I wanted to serve Moon Pies with ice cream. Moon Pies are all about the South.”

How Does It Taste? -Chef Kubiak: “A Moon Pie is almost like a s’more but turned into a Little Debbie snack. It’s warm, sweet, gooey goodness.”

What Do People Say About? -Chef Kubiak: “Once people saw it on the menu, they went nuts. We can easily go through fifty Moon Pies on a busy weekend.” -Ben Volen: “People come in to The Distillery and order a fried Moon Pie with a beer. Now it’s by far our best-selling dessert.”

The Distillery

416 W Liberty St.

Store Hours:
Mon – Thurs: 11:00 am – … until
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am – … until
Sun: 12:00 pm – … until

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