Zunzi’s is located in downtown Savannah and is known for their international cuisine. Get there early, because the lines tend to get long during lunch thanks to their diverse menu, featuring everything from Old Indian Town Curry Stew, to Lasagna, to their very popular Conquistador sandwich. Zunzi’s is popular among locals, Savannah College of Art and Design Students and tourists alike, and the servers definitely have an attitude that makes the experience all the more enjoyable (like saying their token phrase “shit yeah” while making your sandwich).

During our recent visit we ordered the Conquistador with African tea and took it to go in Forsyth Park. Here’s a look at the process it takes to make the Conquistador.

Zunzi's chef makes the Conquistador sandwich

the Conquistador is a sandwich made with sliced baked chicken, tomato and lettuce on French bread and topped with the "special sauce"

the famous Zunzi's Conquistador sandwich

a perfect combination for a delicious lunch: the Zunzi's Conquistador with African tea

Zunzi's to-go for lunch at the fountain in Forsyth Park

It was a gorgeous day outside, so we took our food to go to Savannah’s largest historic park in the downtown district, Forsyth Park. There we enjoyed the Conquistador and African tea on a bench next to the fountain. Here is our assessment of the Zunzi’s classic:

The Dish: Conquistador and African Tea

What’s Special About It? -Eleanor: “It’s unlike any sandwich I’ve ever had. For starters, it’s huge; we shared it between us and were completely full. The secret sauce really sets it off. And the African tea is like a cross between a rooibos and a Southern sweet tea.”

What Does It Taste Like? -Kenda: “When you bite into it, you get a taste of chicken and vegetables as well as the crunch of the French bread. The secret sauce gives it a tangy taste, almost like an internationally-flavored Thousand Island dressing, and the chicken has a lemon-pepper zing to it. The tea has notes of peach and vanilla in a rooibos blend.”

What Did We Say About It? -Eleanor: “It’s easy to see why this is one of their most popular dishes. It’s the perfect size for sharing, and it’s delicious to the very end!”


108 East York St.

11 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Monday-Saturday)

11 a.m. – 5 p.m. (SCAD off-season)


Zunzi's Take Out on Urbanspoon

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