Sisters of the New South

soul food to make the heart happy

Sisters of the New South has been voted #1 soul food in Savannah and best soul food in Connect Savannah for 2011. Clearly, they know how to bring out southern-style ingredients with a familial flare. We decided to sample their “Meat  and Three” meals, where you pick one meat and three sides and the Red Velvet Cake. For the perfect outdoor picnic setting, we ventured to Bonaventure, Savannah’s historic cemetery not far from Sisters of the New South Cafe.

the steaming buffet of sides

You can choose from traditional southern sides such as mac n’ cheese, collards, cabbage, sweet potatoes, green beans, and okra and tomatoes to go along with your choice of ox tails, turkey wings, smothered pork chops, hamburger steak, liver and onions, or fried/baked chicken. They also have a menu of seafood dinners and breakfast items.

their claim to fame

they're not lyin'

the entrance to Bonaventure

Johnny Mercer's gravesite

Johnny Mercer's memorial bench is where we chose to enjoy our afternoon lunch of southern flavors

our lunches all laid out

sharing our food with Johnny Mercer was a ghostly experience

Eleanor ordered the fried chicken with green beans, okra and tomatoes, and sweet potatoes - a slice of cornbread came with each meal

Kenda ordered the smothered pork chop, mac n' cheese, cabbage, and sweet potatoes with a sweet tea

a traditional red velvet cake with a cream cheese pecan frosting - it was delicious!

Johnny enjoyed the cake with us

The Dishes: Fried Chicken with green beans, sweet potatoes, and okra and tomatoes; Smothered Pork Chop with mac n’ cheese, cabbage, and sweet potatoes; cornbread; sweet tea; red velvet cake

What’s Special About It? -Eleanor: “This was the first time I really had traditional southern food and okra altogether. I see why people love it so much!”

-Kenda: “From the moment we stepped foot in the restaurant to the moment we took the first bites, it all felt so genuine and true to its southern roots. Enjoying it in Bonaventure just seemed like the perfect combination of food plus atmosphere.”

What Does It Taste Like? -Kenda: “The Smothered Pork Chop was tender and had a nice gravy on top, and it went well with all three sides that I ordered. The sweet tea was well-brewed and washed it all down. The red velvet was super moist and had a buttery cream cheese frosting with large pecans to top it off.”

-Eleanor: “The fried chicken was really good. As someone who has never had exposure to true southern food till this point, I don’t know how to accurately describe it except to say it was delicious! The crust was perfectly crispy, and none of it seemed too greasy – a misconception about southern food I guess.”

What Did We Say About It?

-Kenda: “It was definitely some of the best southern food I’ve had in Savannah, and the red velvet cake was so divine.”

-Eleanor: “This was one of my favorite food blog outings. Between the southern cooking and the graveyard scenery, it all seemed so Savannah.”

Sisters of the New South

2607 Skidaway Road

Savannah, GA 31404

(912) 335-2761

Hours: Monday-Thursday 6 am-9 pm, Friday-Saturday 6 am-10 pm, Sunday 8 am-9 pm (be sure to listen to the song on the Web site)

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2 thoughts on “Sisters of the New South

  1. The food photos made my mouth water! Just like I grew up on.
    But the photos of Bonaventure and Johnny Mercer’s site were wonderful!
    Thanks for taking the time to taste and blog, y’all!
    Blessings and joy!

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