Green Truck Pub

the Green Truck Pub is Savannah's first grass-fed beef, locally grown burger joint

the Green Truck Pub logo

the truck that inspired the name

The Green Truck Pub is a hoppin’ place. Open for little over a year, the restaurant has become a staple for the Savannah community, with lines out the door every night. Made famous by their attention to local flavor and organic products, the Green Truck Pub is a rarity and a breath of fresh air when it comes to casual dining in Savannah. The pub makes their ketchup and salad dressing from scratch, as well as cans their own pickles. All of the beef products are from Hunter Cattle Company, located in Brooklet, GA, which raises all their animals without hormones or added antibiotics and is Animal Welfare certified. The restaurant also receives their chicken from Springer Mountain Farms (Mount Airy, GA), tofu from the Soy Shop (Decatur, GA), and their coffee from Perc Coffee Roasters right here in Savannah.

the bar of the Green Truck Pub

the pub offers a rotating selection of quality draft beers

we had the Pimento Cheese appetizer while we waited for our to-go order

We decided to take our burgers to-go and have a picnic at a neighborhood park.

Tiedeman Park is located by Savannah Arts Academy in the Ardsley Park/Chatham Crescent neighborhood

Savannah Arts Academy

the palm tree-lined boardwalk through the Ardsley Park neighborhood

we chose our picnic spot under a canopy of live oak branches

our picnic of grass-fed beef burgers

Eleanor had the Rustico burger, which was served with goat cheese, balsamic carmelized onions, roasted red pepper and basil

Kenda ordered the Flathead Burger, with sauteed mushrooms, onions, and provolone

it was a really pleasant way to enjoy our picnic and the crisp fall weather

The Dishes: Pimento Cheese appetizer, Rustico Burger and Flathead Burger

What’s Special About It? -Eleanor: “These are burgers you can actually feel good about eating! I love that the beef is obtained from a local farm, and each one tastes fresh.”

-Kenda: “The Flathead is my favorite of all the burgers at Green Truck Pub because of the complexity of flavors and local ingredients. I’ve visited Hunter Cattle farm, and they have good ideals and ethics regarding the raising of their animals. For a local restaurant to use their products makes it even more appealing to support.

What Does It Taste Like? -Kenda: “I like my burgers well-done, and the Flathead was cooked to perfection. The toppings give perfect depth to the flavor. The hand-cut fries are seasoned well and fried to a crispness, and they go great with the homemade ketchup.”

-Eleanor: “You can taste the homemade quality in all of the foods the pub serves. The pickles that came with each meal and which are canned in the restaurant had a spicy/sweet taste – delicious and very different from the usual – and the ketchup is sweet with almost a pureed texture rather than a typical sauce. The Pimento Cheese appetizer was served with crusty bread, and was addictive (although probably not very healthy)!”

What Did We Say About It?

-Eleanor: “Best burger in Savannah! I’m so glad Savannah has a place that gives attention to the local food scene. The Green Truck name is double entendre: it refers to both the literal green truck parked outside the restaurant and the ‘greenness’ of the organic and local food served inside. Fried Green Savannah is a fan!”

Green Truck Pub

2430 Habersham Street

Savannah, GA 31401


Open 11am-11pm Tuesdays through Saturdays

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4 thoughts on “Green Truck Pub

  1. People have been telling me to eat here for months! Now I can’t WAIT to try it! I love your blog! Keep it up! What a perfect resource for tourists to really get a taste of Savannah; I love how you pick a great location to eat your food!!

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