Seafoodlicious is located on the corner of La Roche Avenue and Skidaway Road

Probably the most traditionally Savannah dish, the Low Country Boil is something everyone who visits here should try at least once. We picked Seafoodlicious because of its outstanding reviews on Urban Spoon, and found it to be just as excellent as we anticipated. Granted, it’s not the most classy venue, but the service was friendly, the patrons were genuine, and the food was delicious. What more could you ask for?

despite its unassuming exterior, inside you'll find an array of seafood and delicious dishes from which to choose

they offer both raw seafood as well as pre-cooked meals, like their Low Country Boil

Low Country Boil traditionally includes shrimp, crab, red skinned potatoes, sausage, and corn and is eaten on newspaper so as to make for easy cleanup

the dish is typically seasoned with Old Bay and garlic butter

we went to the Isle of Hope Marina, which seemed like a fitting setting for our seafood lunch

It is a short and easy drive down La Roche Avenue, which dead ends into West Bluff Drive, to the Isle of Hope Marina where we chose to eat our lunch. The homes that line West Bluff Drive are all Low Country-style and the water inlet itself is filled with dozens of large boats, so there’s plenty to look at while you eat.

we ate it on the beautiful pavilion, which is open to the public so long as you check in at the office

it was a gorgeous sunny day at the marina

The Dish: Low Country Boil

What’s Special About It? -Kenda: “I’m not from Savannah, so I didn’t grow up with this type of food, but after I moved here I quickly became attached to the local seafood culture and the spicy flavors that the Low Country Boil is known for.”

-Eleanor: “There is so much to taste here! From the potatoes, to the sausage, to the seafood, this is like multiple dishes all rolled into one.”

What Does It Taste Like? -Eleanor: “This entire dish is smothered in garlicky butter, which honestly makes it taste all the better for it. The added spice balanced it out and made it more complex, taking it from a simple dish to a meal that would appeal to the masses.”

-Kenda: “There’s something about eating seafood off of newspapers, surrounded by nautical scenery, that made the Low Country Boil from Seafoodlicious an unforgettable experience. It was spicy, buttery, and definitely needed to be eaten with your hands – just make sure you have a lot of napkins on hand!”

What Did We Say About It? -Kenda: “It was ‘seafoodlicious’!”


4435 Skidaway Rd

Savannah, GA 31404

They’re open for lunch Monday-Sunday and dinner Monday-Saturday 

(912) 356-9988

Urban Spoon – Seafoodlicious

Seafoodlicious on Urbanspoon

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