Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Savannah's Candy Kitchen has three retail stores - two in Savannah and one in Charleston; we visited their City Market location

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than with sweets?! Savannah is already a romantic city; with its cascading Spanish moss that drapes live oaks and its mysterious old mansions, it’s the perfect place to fall in love. Treat someone you love to something sweet from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, where you’ll find everything from fresh pralines to homemade fudge, from saltwater taffy to vintage candies. We visited the Candy Kitchen on a Sunday afternoon and sampled some of these famous sweets.

the store was decorated for the holiday, with displays of red hearts and sweet ways to say, "I love you"

taffy in Valentine's Day red and pinks

they make the pralines in-store, with free, warm samples

contrary to popular belief, the pralines are not made with brown sugar but rather achieve their toasted color and sweetness by a slow carmelization process of white sugar and butter

these "gophers" are made with a base of fresh pecans, caramel, and chocolate

you have the choice between white, milk or dark chocolate

their caramel apples are coated in a variety of toppings, including chocolate, nuts and Reese's Pieces!

although perhaps not the most festive thing for this season, no girl would say "no" to a caramel apple

the chocolate-peppermint bark was also made festive for Valentine's Day, with pink swirls

the traditional Valentine's Day treat, the chocolate covered strawberries would go perfectly with a glass of wine in the park and some red roses

the store also offers a wide assortment of brand-name candies, including just about every Jelly Bean flavor under the sun!

much like a vintage candy shop, there are barrels full of colorful candies - both for the young and the young at heart!

Happy Valentine's Day!

What Sweet Says Valentine’s Day to You?

-Kenda: “The ultimate Valentine’s Day for me would be to receive a bouquet of pink and white peonies and a box of white chocolate gophers. The gophers are my absolute favorite. The crunch of the pecans and the gooey, caramel topped with creamy white chocolate – it just doesn’t get better than that. Hint, hint, Nate!”

-Eleanor: “I’m actually more of a traditionalist when it comes to Valentine’s Day; nothing is quite as romantic as chocolate-covered strawberries, a good bottle of wine, and a simple bouquet of ranunculus.”

What is Special About Visiting Savannah’s Candy Kitchen? 

-Eleanor: “I become like a kid again in this place! There’s so much to look at and want to try; it’s hard to just pick one thing. Savannah’s Candy Kitchen has everything from cotton candy, to popcorn, to homemade chocolates, to ice cream – I could have serious sugar overload here.”

-Kenda: “When my family comes into town, I love bringing them to City Market and Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. We love sampling the pralines as we walk through the door, and everyone is so kind a welcoming. The quality is spot-on, and the candy has a wonderful homemade taste to it. It’s delicious!”

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

318 West St. Julian Street

Savannah, GA

*the other Savannah location is on River Street

(912) 201-9501

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

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