Starland Cafe

Starland Cafe is open for lunch Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

located in the Starland District, Starland Cafe is a popular neighborhood lunch spot

Specializing in artisan sandwiches and salads, Starland Cafe is a cozy and inviting lunch spot located in an old Victorian house. The restaurant offers many locally-sourced and organic options, and is a well-respected place to eat, with a five-star rating on Yelp and a 93 percent rating on Urban Spoon.

the menu boasts a wide variety of original sandwich and salad recipes, as well as daily specials, soups and plates

The food you’ll find at Starland Cafe is both unique and innovative. It includes dishes like Rosemary Ham, Tomato and Guacamole, and Green Goat for the sandwiches, as well as Kitchen Sink, Best Southwest, and Goat Bomb for the salads and plates. The flavorful combinations they come up with are creative, pairing ingredients such as green apple and caramelized onion with honey and whipped goat cheese, and tomato-infused buttermilk dressing with asparagus and crunchy noodles. There are nearly as many vegetarian and vegan options as meat ones, and so everyone can find something they like.

Pa’s Pimento panini

the panini is made with house-made “Tennessee” ground pimento cheese and crisp romaine, and bacon and/or tomato can be added

The Other Salad

the salad is composed of citrus balsamic vinaigrette with goat cheese, strawberry, blueberry, mandarin orange, green apple, almonds, and minced red onion served on a bed of mixed greens, and grilled chicken can be added

Eleanor’s pug, Puck, really wanted to come with us this for our lunch outing, and since the weather was perfect, we decided to bring him along.

the Savannah Dog Park is right next door to the cafe and requires a membership to join

Starland Café is situated next door to the Savannah Dog Park, a members-only facility, but (due to our lack of membership) we went to the Herty Pines Dog Park in Daffin Park, off of Victory Drive and Bee Road. It is located just down the street from the Starland District and recently opened within the past month. It has a large dog area as well as a small one – perfect for a little pug!

the park is located on the east end of the park, next to Grayson Stadium

the park has separate entrances for the large dog area and the small dog area, and there are picnic tables scattered throughout both sides

Puck ran around while we ate our lunch

he made a lot of friends!

Puck was a fun lunch companion

The Dishes: Pa’s Pimento with bacon and The Other Salad with grilled chicken

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “I am partial to Pimento Cheese, because I grew up eating it. It’s such a southern food, and they know how to do it right at Starland Café! The addition of bacon sandwiched in a crisp panini makes it even better.”

Eleanor: “When I opened up the box with my salad in it, I immediately thought it looked like a party! There was so much color and variety; it was truly a beautiful meal. I love eating at Starland Café for that very reason: there is always so much to see and taste with their food and I try to get something different every time I go.”

What Does It Taste Like?

Eleanor: “The mix of fruit added a great burst of flavor to the salad, and it was complimented by the more mild mixed greens, nuts, and soft chevre. I added grilled chicken to make it more filling, but there was already so much flavor it would be fine with or without it.”

Kenda: “The pimento cheese Panini was creamy and had a zing of spice to it. Sandwiched between two pieces of grilled ciabatta bread, the bacon and lettuce both added a nice crunch.”

What Did We Say About It?

Eleanor: “Starland Café is one of my favorite restaurants in Savannah, and the experience was made that much better by taking it to-go at the new dog park. Plus, it wore out my dog for the rest of the day!”

Starland Cafe

11 East 41st St.

Savannah, GA


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