Butterhead Greens Cafe

Butterhead Greens Cafe is located at the corner of Bull and Brady streets at 1813 Bull

Spring is officially here. Whether you go by the calendar date, the blooming of the azaleas, or the increased frequency of sunshine and showers, a new season has indisputably arrived in Savannah. To celebrate, Fried Green Savannah went all “green” for this week’s restaurant feature with salads from Butterhead Greens Cafe.

Butterhead Greens Cafe serves up simple, fresh foods with a lot of flavor. Headed by the culinary team of chefs Patrick Zimmerman and Seth Musler (also the owners of Betty Bombers), the restaurant stands by its motto of “Fresh, Local, Fast and Affordable!” Butterhead Greens is renowned for its grilled cheese sandwich (customized with your choice of two cheeses), and the rest of its menu is similarly uncomplicated yet fun, with selections such as The Elvis on their breakfast menu (a grilled sandwich of peanut butter, bananas, honey, and bacon), The Rich Fish (their take on a tuna sandwich, with red onion, chives, house-made aioli, lettuce, and sliced tomato) and a water infusion of the day (ours was Pineapple/Mint). The cafe is located in the Starland District across from SCAD’s Richard Arnold Hall and is a popular spot when classes let out.

the cafe offers both indoor and outdoor seating

the outside windows are painted the same electrifying green as much of the interior - you can easily spot Butterhead Greens!

the daily specials menu features a combo, a water, and an ice tea of the day - keep updated on their Facebook page!

The modern interior of Butterhead Greens offers lots of comfy seating and free wifi, but in further commemoration of the spring weather, we took our food across the street to the Savannah Public Library to enjoy a light lunch and new books under the sun.

the Savannah public library

there are benches and picnic tables set up outside the library, and the fountain made a beautiful backdrop for our lunch

we brought our books (and Kindle) to read during lunch

the I Surrender salad is made with sliced roast chicken breast, chopped bacon, blue cheese crumbles, sun dried tomatoes, avocados, candied spiced pecans and creamy herb dressing

The Centurion salad includes chopped romaine lettuce, sliced roast chicken breast, parmesan cheese, "BHG" croutons and a lemon-herb dressing

the Sweet Potato side salad is served with pecans, red onion and sherry vinaigrette

The Dishes: I Surrender Salad, The Centurion Salad and Sweet Potato Side Salad

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “Butterhead Greens Cafe is conveniently located just south of downtown Savannah. It’s within biking distance from my house in midtown, and it’s across the street from my local library! It’s the perfect hangout spot and has a fresh, unique and healthful menu.”

Eleanor: “I would have loved a Butterhead Greens across the street from one of my halls in college! The food, though straightforward, is anything but boring, with combinations I never thought to put together and flavors I sometimes couldn’t even pinpoint.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Eleanor: “I usually ask for dressing on the side when ordering a salad, because restaurants can sometimes drench it in an attempt for more flavor. I forgot to do that here, but didn’t regret it! The Centurion Salad was creamy and yet still light, its lemon-herb dressing gently clinging to the romaine leaves and roast chicken. Each of Butterhead’s main salads comes with a baguette, but that was just an extra treat in this case, as the homemade and delicious croutons were generously spread throughout the salad.”

Kenda: “I have a weakness for candied spiced pecans in salads. The I Surrender Salad not only has deliciously-flavored pecans but also a wonderful medley of other flavors, like the combination of sun-dried tomatoes and blue cheese crumbles. The salad was served with a hearty baguette wedge. For a fun extra side, the sweet potato salad we ordered was something completely new to me, and the concept for the side was very original. It was sweet, without much filler or dressing at all.”

What Did We Say About It?

Eleanor: “Butterhead Greens Cafe is a fresh (in flavor, ingredients and ingenuity) breakfast, lunch and early dinner spot for students and locals alike.”

*What Books Are We Reading? 

Kenda: “The book I brought to our library picnic was Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey by The Countess of Carnarvon. I absolutely adore British literature and the British television show, “Downton Abbey,” currently being aired on PBS here in the states. I recently read The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, and it was incredible (so was the movie)! I just started reading The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, which seems to be an amazing read so far.”

Eleanor: “I just finished Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman (but I’m not having a baby anytime soon – I was just curious!), and now I’ve started Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton, a beautiful memoir about the acclaimed chef’s journey in and out of the kitchen. In terms of fiction, I’m trying to get through all the free Kindle classics, and I’m currently reading The Mysterious Affair at Styles, the first Hercule Poirot novel by Agatha Christie.”

Butterhead Greens Cafe 

1813 Bull Street 

Open Mon-Thur 7am-7pm; Fri-Sat 9am-5pm

(912) 201-1808

Butterhead Greens Cafe Facebook Page

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4 thoughts on “Butterhead Greens Cafe

  1. Butterhead is a great place for a wholesome lunch, and the sandwiches are huge. Patrick and Seth and their supporting cast are doing a great job. Incidentally SCAD doesn’t have class on Fridays, so it’s usually the best day to beat the crowds.

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