Local 11 Ten

as the name implies, Local 11 Ten is situated on 1110 Bull Street

Local 11 Ten is dictated by the seasons. Though its menu has some staples, most of the dishes vary with what’s available in the local farms. In celebration of the completion of the Savannah Tall Ships Challenge (for which we worked up an appetite!) we brought our core festival volunteer team to Local for a spring-inspired bon voyage dinner.

The restaurant is the perfect place for a night out, with its contemporary modern interior, which features accents of southern decor. Local feels both upscale and laid back, a combination that really reflects the atmosphere of Savannah.

the main dining room has low lighting for a chic and relaxing ambiance

as well as the bar downstairs, Local 11 Ten has a special rooftop bar called the Perch

As mentioned before, the menu is heavily dictated by the season. But despite such restrictions, the food is creative and innovative, with unique combinations and perfect pairings. Local 11 Ten’s spring dishes include an Indian Masala Rubbed Ashley Farm’s Chicken Breast with Green Lentils, Carrots, Turnips and Tztaziki and a Grilled White Marble Pork Chop with Bacon Braised White Beans and Grilled Squash served with Mojo sauce. But along with the regular entrees they also offer an extensive a la carte menu, in which patrons can choose a meat, any (or all) of the sauces and a seasonal side.

a fresh loaf of bread with butter for the table to share

prince edward island mussels, house-made italian sausage, madeira, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and lavender cream

seared pekin duck breast, radishes, couscous, cherry peppers, mushrooms, arugula and strawberry gastrique

a la carte option of Ashley Farms chicken breast with garlic-herb butter and sriracha vinaigrette and a side of grilled asparagus

another a la carte Ashley Farms chicken breast dinner with garlic-herb butter and demi glace sauce and a side of the Brussels sprouts with chorizo

a la carte filet mignon with the spicy soy sauce and a side of herb roasted fingerling potatoes

a la carte option of wild atlantic shrimp with a grilled lemon and spicy soy sauce and a side of Benton’s bacon mashed potatoes

The Dishes: Prince Edward Island Mussels, Seared Pekin Duck Breast, Ashley Farms Chicken with Brussels Sprouts, as well as samples of the other meals

What’s Special About It?

Eleanor: “Local 11 Ten is my first choice for an upscale dinner. I can feel good about eating there, with their local and sustainable foods, and since the menu changes every season, it’s fun to go in and taste what’s new. I also love the modern feel in the restaurant, which is a little unique from other Savannah establishments. This restaurant would feel equally at home on its little Savannah side street as it would in a larger metropolitan.”

Kenda: “Local 11 Ten is the epitome of green dining in Savannah. This was my first time eating here, and it won me over entirely. I love that they source the majority of their produce from local farms, including Sweet Grass Dairy in Thomasville, Georgia and Ashley Farms in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Kenda: “The Ashley Farms chicken was extremely tender and juicy. It went perfectly with the demi glace and garlic-herb butter. I had a hard time choosing which side to get, since there are eight total, but I went with the Brussels sprouts with chorizo and was not displeased. I sampled some of the Benton’s bacon mashed potatoes from our dining companion’s plate, and it was a surprising and yet satisfying new take on mashed potatoes. The herb roasted fingerling potatoes were also very flavorful. Next time I’m trying the mac and cheese!”

Eleanor: “The seared pekin duck breast was done medium-rare and was wonderfully tender. It was well highlighted by the slight bitterness of the arugula and earthiness of the mushrooms and radishes, which, in turn, were complemented by the sweet cherry peppers and strawberry gastrique sauce. To round it all out, the dish was served with pearl couscous for a rich and filling dinner. But the mussels. Oh, the mussels. I could sing songs about the mussels! Shipped from Prince Edward Island, the mussels were still as fresh as if they came off the boat. They were served in a madeira and lavender cream sauce with Italian sausage, all of which served to ground the dish and make it a meal in itself. And the bread, when dipped in the sauce and topped with the mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, was divine.”

What Did We Say About It?

Eleanor: “I could really go on and on about Local 11 Ten, but to sum it up, this restaurant is a true Savannah treasure.”

Local 11 Ten

1110 Bull Street  

Savannah, GA 31401

(912) 790-9000

Seven Days a Week, 6 pm-10 pm

Local’s Website

Local 11 Ten on Urbanspoon

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