Brasserie 529

Brasserie 529 is located at 529 East Liberty Street

Brasserie is the French term for an informal restaurant in which the food largely revolves around the drink. And indeed dining at Brasserie 529 is like stepping into a classic French film where the characters all sip red wine and quietly “vivre la bonne vie.” There are small corner tables you can get lost in or, should you instead desire, a quaint bar to mingle at. The restaurant’s website describes the atmosphere in this way: “Influenced by the essence of historic downtown Savannah…representing the evolution of today’s brasseries, we venture beyond the image of cafés and breweries and instead call to mind an image of simplistic sophistication.”

set in the former storage space of Liberty Plumbing Co., Brasserie has transformed the space into a quaint and comfortable bistro

the bar area at Brasserie 529 with its rich dark wood and French-inspired design

the restaurant makes their own breads which they sell both in the restaurant and at the Forsyth Park farmer’s market on Saturday mornings

The food at Brasserie reflects the same “simplistic sophistication.” Ingredients are sourced locally and the dishes are focused on freshness and flavor rather than overall richness and complexity. Appetizers include Local Squash Blossoms with arugula, gruyere, and mussel and truffle vinaigrette, as well as more traditional French dishes like Duck Leg Confit with ratatouille. Lunch includes dishes like Roulade of Cordon Bleu with Bleu béchamel, roasted mushrooms, mixed herbs & lettuces, crisp pork belly, and Bouillabaisse with Market Fish, mussels, clams, shrimp, lobster, potato, vegetables, fennel, saffron, rouille. For dinner they offer a five course tasting table as well as their classic dishes. In keeping with traditional brasseries, the wine and beer and cocktail lists are handpicked and extensive.

French bread is served with truffle butter and pickled green beans and tomatoes

the Crepes were made with haricot verts, shallots, oyster mushrooms, arugula, gruyere, and a shrimp & tomato vinaigrette

the Fish en Papillote consisted of a North Carolina trout cooked with greens, vegetables, potatoes, butter, court bouillon, herbs, and shrimp

lemon vanilla creme brûlée

Kenda: “In September we’re coming up on Fried Green Savannah’s 1 year food blog anniversary! It’s been an exciting year, filled with lots of amazing eateries in and around Savannah. Unfortunately today is the last post from Eleanor, though, as she is moving away from Savannah and to the Midwest. You will be dearly missed, Nora!”

The Dishes: Crepes, Fish en Papillote, and the Lemon Vanilla Creme Brûlée 

What’s Special About It?

Kenda: “Since the occasion of us dining at Brasserie 529 was both a celebration of Eleanor’s new opportunities of moving to Nebraska, as well as two best friends saying a tearful goodbye, it was the perfect, bittersweet atmosphere for our last blog post together – complete with nostalgic music and memorable dishes.”

Eleanor: “This is the third French restaurant Fried Green Savannah has been to (see our other reviews: Circa 1875 and Blue Turtle Bistro), and it firmly confirmed that the dislike I had previously for French cuisine was unfounded. Brasserie 529’s food is light and fresh, staying true to its roots in simple ways. And I loved the way they quietly use local ingredients in their dishes – it adds even more to the freshness of each dish.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Eleanor: “My Fish en Papillote was simple but still quite flavorful. Baked in a parchment packet with butter, court bouillon, herbs, and lemons, the fish and shrimp picked up on all the flavors without bursting with them. The potatoes and greens added some heartiness to the meal, making it an ideal light lunch and dinner.”

Kenda: “I ordered the crepes because I had never tried a savory version of the dish. I was only familiar with the sweet, fruit-filled or cream cheese-filled versions you see for breakfast or dessert. The crepes at Brasserie turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the taste buds. Light and fluffy, they were filled with fresh vegetables and covered in a decadent cheesy cream sauce with tomatoes and chopped shrimp. The dish is best accompanied with a few pieces of fresh-baked bread from the restaurant. The Lemon Vanilla Creme Brûlée was amazing! A delicate crystallized crust on top and smooth cream on the inside, it was the ideal dessert to share between friends.”

What Did We Say About It?

Eleanor: “This is my last blog post for Fried Green Savannah; the hubby and I are moving to Omaha, Nebraska. So perhaps fittingly foreign and very Savannah at the same time, Brasserie 529 was the perfect send-off lunch.”

Brasserie 529

529 E Liberty St.

Savannah, GA


LUNCH Tues-Fri 11-3PM & Sat 12-3PM
DINNER Tues-Sat 5-10PM
HAPPY HOUR Tues – Sat 3-7PM

Web site

Brasserie 529 on Urbanspoon

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