Molly MacPherson’s

Molly MacPherson’s pub in Savannah is located 311 W Congress St.

If Savannah didn’t already have a reputation for its love of libations, visiting Molly MacPherson’s downtown would confirm that fact. The pub has an extensive collection of single malt scotch whisky, as well as numerous craft beers on tap and in bottles. A hot spot for pipe and drum bands after the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown, it also has a great night life vibe. Molly MacPherson’s is a true Savannah watering hole for both natives and tourists alike. Servers at the pub keep the Scottish tradition alive by wearing kilts, giving it that fun, authentic feel.

the dining room area is adorned with Scottish-inspired decor and flags from clans

you can try your hand at darts while waiting for your food or sipping a drink

the pub’s collection of single malt scotch whisky – they have over 150 options from which to choose!

draft beer at the pub

we ordered pints of Harpoon UFO White and Ace Pear Cider

Along with their drink selections, Molly’s also boasts a large food menu. They specialize in traditional Scottish and British cuisine, but they also offer soup, salads, sandwiches and various entrees to please a wide variety of palates. Their dishes include Bangers and Mash, Scottish Meatloaf, the Classic Reuben, North Atlantic Salmon, St. Andrew’s Steak and Spinach Salad, Blackwatch Burger, and Roasted Chicken.

the Cock-A-Leeky Soup is a combination of chicken, leeks, carrots, rice and seasonings

the Fish and Chips has tender cod that’s lightly battered and deep fried, and it’s served with pub chips and salad greens

the Shepard’s Pie has ground beef and vegetables simmered in a brown sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and shredded cheddar, served along with a roll and honey butter

The Dishes: Cock-A-Leeky Soup, Shepard’s Pie, Fish and Chips

What’s Special About It?

Nathan: “Molly’s has a unique Scottish vibe, combining the family flags and prominent scotch selection with servers donned in kilts and a warming fireplace in the background.  Set on the always entertaining Congress Street/City Market area, this is a little Scottish haven on a strip of many options to enjoy good eats and drink.  Molly MacPherson’s is a perfect getaway for those seeking something a little different than the everyday bar food available in Savannah.”

Kenda: “I adore the whole package and presentation that envelops Molly MacPherson’s – from the decor inside the pub to the newsprint wrapped around an order of Fish and Chips to the servers who are costumed in traditional Scottish kilts. It makes it a delightful, fun place to experience. Having delicious food and drinks to go along with it is icing on the cake.”

What Did It Taste Like?

Kenda: “When I come to Molly’s, I always order the Cock-A-Leeky Soup. Ideal for fall and winter, it’s warm and satisfying. The Fish and Chips were hot and made to order and came with a tasty, fresh green side salad. I doused the piece of flaky cod in malt vinegar and tartar sauce. The ‘chips’ were large and tender; perfect with the fried fish. I love a good craft cider on draft, so I ordered the Ace Pear Cider. It has a light crispness that’s not overly sweet but with a hint of tart fruit, which was a nice addition to the meal.”

Nathan: “I opened the evening with a Harpoon UFO White.  It added a nice Belgian spice introduction to the Shepard’s pie.  The pie came out hot, with a crisp baked mashed potato crust and rich brown sauce accompaniment.  The creamy mashed potatoes were complimented by the textured ground beef and smooth vegetables that combined to form a welcomed treat to the mouth.  I ordered an Oscar Blues Old Chub to finish the meal, adding a rich maltiness to the briny beef undertones that complimented the pie.  The fresh roll helped absorb some of the fluids and added a nice breadiness to the already malty meal.”

What Did We Say About It?

Kenda: “You don’t have to wear a kilt or know how to play bagpipes to be a fan of Molly MacPherson’s. Whether you’d like to sample the single malt scotch whisky or are craving some Bangers and Mash, Molly’s makes you feel like you’re taking a trip to a European pub right in the heart of Savannah.”

Molly MacPherson’s

311 West Congress St.

Savannah, GA


Open for lunch, dinner and late night drinks 7 days a week

Web site

Molly MacPherson's Scottish Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

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