Savannah’s Best Sandwich

And The Winner Is…

The Elvis (from Butterhead Greens Cafe)!

"Peanut butter, bacon, bananas and honey grilled to perfection"

 It’s seems fitting that the best sandwich would be the most classic one. Sure, there is a certain uniqueness to The Elvis. The saltiness of the bacon is complemented by the sweetness of the drizzled honey, and the creaminess of the banana is contrasted with the crunch from the grilled panini. In the same way, there is a spin on the fruit salad, with mint leaves sprinkled on top of the melon and grapes to bring out the sweet freshness of the fruit. But despite these noteworthy additions, The Elvis still brings to mind brown bag lunches, and moms and the comfort of an easier time. And ultimately, after trying all the other delicious sandwiches, the peanut butter one is still the best.

2nd Place (a very, very close second):

The Conquistador (Zunzi’s Express)

the locally-famous Conquistador sandwich is made with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and "special" sauce

The Conquistador got the majority of votes for our sandwich search, and it’s easy to see why. One of our first posts, we couldn’t say no to trying it again. Served on French bread and heaped with grilled chicken breast and Zunzi’s “special sauce” (a sort of thousand island-like dressing), this sandwich is full of flavor despite its few components. The sauce is tart and spicy, and the chicken too has an almost acidic lemony taste, with the mild French bread keeping the whole thing in check. Some days, this really is our favorite sandwich in Savannah.

3rd Place:

Crab and Shrimp Sandwich (Fire Street Food)

the sandwich is made with shredded crabmeat and crispy shrimp and is served with avocado, lettuce, chipotle sauce and a side salad

A new establishment in Savannah, Fire Street Food is already getting rave reviews for their inexpensive sushi, bubble teas, and Crab and Shrimp Sandwich. An asian-style po’boy, the cooked-to-order sandwich boasts a generous helping of fried shrimp and soft crab served atop French bread, with chipotle sauce instead of gravy and avocado in place of sliced lettuce, for a dish that feels both unique and familiar. Even the salad was more complex than a typical side, with spicy ginger dressing lightly covering the cherry tomatoes and fresh mixed greens.

4th Place:

California BLT (Green Truck Pub)

"Bacon makes it good; avocado makes it rock. Then we add house-made ranch and serve it on toasted wheat."

Best known for their gourmet burgers, Green Truck Pub also offers a wide variety of equally delicious sandwiches. Their California BLT is a great example, mixing smoky, crispy bacon with soft and sweet avocado for a combination that seems so simple and yet so surprising. The ranch dressing adds a tanginess ordinary mayonnaise can’t. And it doesn’t hurt that each of the sandwiches is served with a side of their French fries and famous homemade ketchup.

Honorable Mentions: Savannah Cheese Steak (Vic’s on the River), Pa’s Pimiento Cheese (Starland Cafe)

Thanks to all who voted – we loved tasting your choices!